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Top 5 Ways To Save Money on Gas

If you’re like most Americans, prices at the pump continue to put a damper on your road trips and everyday travel. With no apparent light at the end of the tunnel to the ever-rising gas prices, it’s important to learn how to save money on gas. Being aware of your driving habits and how they’re affecting your gas mileage is a big step. To help you conserve fuel even further, we’ve come up with a countdown of money saving tips to increase your fuel efficiency and decrease the amount of funds funneled towards fuel. 5. Planning and Carpooling – Plan ahead when you have errands and make one trip, instead of two, three or four. Continually starting your car from a cold start can use twice as much gas as a longer multi-stop trip when the engine is warm. Carpooling with friends and neighbors is also a great because it reduces wear and miles on your car and helps the environment! 4. Use Cruise Control – Using the cruise control feature on the highway can help you main ... read more


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