5 Tips to Protect Your Car From Pollen

With all of the trees blooming the pollen has been piling up on your car and it is important to take extra good care of your car in the spring. While most people find the yellow film to just be annoying, many don’t know the damage pollen can do to your cars’ interior and exterior. Simply wiping your windows off or spraying the car down with water won’t do the trick. This can scratch the paint and eat away at it as pollen has an acidic effect. Here are 5 Tips to Protect Your Car from Pollen.

Protect Your Car From Pollen
  1. Rinse & wash– with pollen being so small, it can hide in every nook and cranny of your car. Taking your car to a Car Wash or by hand will ensure that you not only get rid of the pollen but wash away the effects it can have on your cars’ exterior. Even though you may have to fit a few extra washes in during the Spring months, your car will be in better condition in the long run.
  2. Wax– adding a protective layer of wax makes it less likely that pollen will stick to your car. It also doesn’t hurt to keep your car looking extra shiny!
  3. Check Your Engine Filter– your engine filter collects all of the dust, debris. and pollen and keeps it out of your engine. Stop by The Car Place and have one of our expert technicians check your engine filter. It is recommended to replace your engine filter every 15k-30k miles, so waiting until the end of pollen season will give your car a pollen-free start.
  4. Replace Your Interior Cabin Filter– keep the air in your car clean and easier to breathe my replacing your cabin filter. If you have allergies this can be especially important! It also helps to reduce the layer of yellow film that can appear on the inside of your car.
  5. Clean Your Wiper Blades– pollen can build up on your wiper blades every time you wash your windshield. Eventually, this build-up turns into paste that spreads across your windshield. Clean your wipers off once a week by running a paper towel along the blades.

Cars can be a lot of up-keep with all of the weather and seasonal-related issues. Keep your car looking clean and running smoothly by using these 5 Tips to protect Your Car from Pollen. Stop by The Car Place today and let us take care of your vehicle and extend its life.


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