Is Car Maintenance Really That Important?

From regular oil changes to checking belts and hoses, car maintenance is an integral part of keeping your car on the road. Some regular upkeep to-do’s are things you can do on your own, whereas some services may be better left to the professionals- especially when it comes to import vehicles.

Frequent checks you should do on your own include: checking tire tread and condition, measuring tire pressure, testing headlights and turn signals, checking your windshield wiper blades, and looking at your fluid levels. You should also be on the lookout for any small leaks and mention them when you bring your car in for scheduled maintenance (if a bigger leak, bring in immediately).

Even though you’re able to do a few maintenance checks on your own, you should also have a certified technician look at your vehicle. They are better trained to spot any issues and accurately fix anything they may find. Your car’s owner manual will let you know the recommended scheduled maintenance.

Scheduled Maintenance

Most vehicle makes have the typical car maintenance schedule of 30/60/90K service checks. Import models, however, usually have more frequent schedules, of every 10K or even 5K miles. Often times, car owners wonder how important car maintenance actually is.

In short, they are very important. Following these service schedules can help find problems before they become bigger, more costly repairs. Finding a small leak, or repairing hose can be a quick fix- but easily turn into a vehicle breakdown if overlooked. Regular maintenance can keep you on the road, rather than stuck on the side waiting for a tow truck.

Standard maintenance during these service checks can include:

  • 3 Month Intervals: hoses, belts, battery, windshield wiper blades, brakes and parking brake, brake lights and license plate light
  • 6 Month Intervals: filters, hoses, exhaust, oil change, windshield condition, power steering fluid, brakes and parking brake, brake lights and license plate light.
  • 12 Month Intervals: transmission fluid, battery and cables, cabin air filter, engine air filter, oil change, antifreeze, power steering fluid, steering and suspension, wheel alignment, and tire condition.

For your specific import, the schedule and services performed may very. Be sure to check your owner’s manual for your service recommendation and talk to your technician about what services will be completed.

Keeping up with these cycles will help extend the life of your vehicle and reduce the risk of costly repairs. Keep your can in tip-top, roady ready shape. For all of your maintenance services or any other auto car need, schedule an appointment online or call The Car Place today!


Auto Maintenance
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