Is Car Maintenance Really That Important?

From regular oil changes to checking belts and hoses, car maintenance is an integral part of keeping your car on the road. Some regular upkeep to-do’s are things you can do on your own, whereas some services may be better left to the professionals- especially when it comes to import vehicles. Frequent checks you should […]

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Is your Car Rain Ready?

As summer fades into a cool fall breeze, you can expect to see more and more rainfall. Are you and your car ready for the coming storms? Here are some tips to get your car in tiptop shape to keep you and your family safe this rainy season.   Check your Windshield Wipers Driving with […]

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Buying Your New, Used Car

You’ve been on the fence between buying a new vs. used car and decided to save some money with a pre-owned vehicle. Now what? Used cars that are sold with hidden damage can become costly problems for the unsuspecting buyer. To avoid purchasing the proverbial lemon, here are some strategies for avoiding a bad investment. […]

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Raleigh Via WikiCommons

Raleigh Road Trip

Warm weather is here but let’s be honest- dreams of summer vacation are still months away. While it may not be a far-off island paradise, you can certainly take advantage of your ever-growing Raleigh area. Check out our picks below for a weekend stay-cation for a Raleigh Road Trip. Take a Hike Umstead State Park […]

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Emergency Kit for Winter Weather

Travel season is coming! According to AAA, last year 46 million people hit the road for Thanksgiving while nearly double that traveled for the holiday season! With that many people driving, there are bound to be problems and issues that arise when traveling. Before you jump in the car this year, here are some emergency […]

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Buying New vs Buying Used

Do you, like many individuals, feel that buying a brand new car is a right of passage, or a reflection of status? Do you feel satisfied with the ability to select the exact model, color and features when purchasing new? Well, if you’ll lend us your ear, we’re hoping to sway your opinions… Buying a […]

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Top 5 Ways To Save Money on Gas

If you’re like most Americans, prices at the pump continue to put a damper on your road trips and everyday travel. With no apparent light at the end of the tunnel to the ever-rising gas prices, it’s important to learn how to save money on gas. Being aware of your driving habits and how they’re […]

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